A Job Well Done!

A note from a customer: “Kinzler, another little letter to again thank you for a great job. I wrote you a while ago to have you help me get the most of the Mid America rebate for the insulation we put in. Because of the way you itemized everything we received the maximum rebate offered. Also wanted to tell you that we had several people stop over and they thought we had the air conditioner on because it was so cool in the house and was 80+ outside. We have not needed to run the air conditioner yet this year. Yes I do recommend your product as often as I can.” – Gordan & Nancy Bena

A Satisfied Customer

A note from a customer: “Thank you so much for the good work you have done for the church! Your installation crew was very thorough, polite, professional, considerate and they checked in and out with the office when they were here. They were excellent representatives of your company. We use dozens of vendors each year at the church and your crew is one of the best” – Jim VandeBerg

Revised Energy Code

Energy code changes were effective on June 1, 2014. A couple of significant changes to note include: Attic R-Values will be increasing from the current R38 to R49. Air leakage rates on residential projects are decreasing from the current 7ACH to 4ACH. To find out more about the energy code changes feel free to contact one of our sales representatives. 

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