Do These 3 Things to Save Big $$ This Winter

Temperatures are dropping, daylight is shorter & everyone is spending more time inside. It’s important to prepare your home for the coldest months of the year, to make it comfortable & more energy efficient. Here are some ideas which could save you big money!

  1. Replace furnace filters monthly

Check and replace your furnace filters on a monthly basis during the winter months. To check if a filter needs to be replaced, hold it up to the light. If light does not shine through, it is time for a new one.

  1. Switch ceiling fan blades

In the winter months, change your ceiling fan blades to move clockwise. It lifts the cool air to the ceiling and pushes the heated air down.

  1. Add insulation

To keep heat in and the cold out, add insulation to your attic. This is where you can usually find some of the largest opportunities to save energy in your home. Your local experts at Kinzler Construction Services can help identify inefficiencies in your home, such as air leaks & inadequate insulation.

Contact Kinzler Construction Services for a free insulation inspection at your home! Call us at 888-292-2382 and start saving money on your energy bills!

Thankful. It’s the Best Way to Live.

Kevin and Yvonne Kinzler, Founders

What if all you had in your life today was what you were thankful for yesterday?

Circumstances occasionally cause us to pause, to appreciate and recognize the blessings in our lives- like the Thanksgiving holiday. But do we pay attention each day to the blessings in our lives?  Do we take time at some point every day to be grateful for the place we live, our relationships, our opportunities and the freedom to make choices?

What if I started, or ended, each day focusing on what’s good instead of what I’m missing, wanting or what isn’t just right. Would I have a different outlook and attitude on my day and the people and situations in my life? Can I be grumpy, short tempered and walk with a slouch when I’m grateful?

No. It’s impossible to be thankful and not feel happiness and joy. A thankful heart and spirit changes our perspective, our posture and our entire personality.

Let’s decide this Thanksgiving, to keep an attitude of gratitude throughout the coming year. Thankful- it’s the best way to live!

We give thanks to God for each of you.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,
Kevin and Yvonne Kinzler

5 Tips to Find a Construction Job When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

Stuck in a job that isn’t you? Ready for a career change, but have no idea what else you could do – or where to start? With such high demand for talented construction professionals, there’s never been a better time to jump into the construction industry. Here are 5 tips to find the in-demand career you’ve been looking for.

  1. Make a Plan Figure out what type of position you’re interested in. Do you have leadership experience from a previous job? Do you want to lead others out on a jobsite? Or do you enjoy getting your hands dirty, getting the job done every day. If you’re not sure, don’t worry! There’s lots of room for growth from one construction position to another.
  2. Look for on-the-job training programs. If you’re worried you’re not qualified for a job in construction…stop worrying! The best companies offer on-the-job training programs. It’s just like going to school, but instead of you paying for an education – the company is paying you to learn!
  3. Add a License or Certificate. Do you have your CDL license? Many times you can make more money if you already have your CDL, allowing you to drive the big company trucks. If not, ask if the construction company you’re applying to will pay for you to get this license. There are numerous professional certifications that can be used to complement formal degrees, or alternatively, they can be used to demonstrate technical proficiency and compensate for a lack of degree in some cases. Their requirements and benefits differ, but finding one or more to add to your professional development skill set can be an effective tool for getting ahead in the job market.
  4. Start from the Bottom. One of the best ways to get a great idea of how a construction site operates is to find a general construction labor position. These positions perform basic construction tasks, installation and material handling and will provide you invaluable experience and introductions to high-level construction professional from whom you can learn a lot.
  5. Look for people, not for jobs. Focus on connecting with people and look for companies who have systems and programs in place to grow and advance the careers of the people that work there. A company that cares about their people will offer great benefits and perks too.


Kinzler Construction Services has dedicated, bilingual, employee-owners ready to give you the technical training and professional skills you need.

We’re hiring general labor and leadership positions at our locations in Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado and Texas. Careers at Kinzler are full-time and year-round, with overtime available during peak season. You’ll receive our full benefits package after just 90 days! Learn more and apply now! 

Product Feature: Dens Element Barrier System

When a tornado ripped through Marshalltown last July, it took with it the roof and many walls of the building home to RACOM. The company controls the network for most of Iowa’s first responder radio communications. The entire building envelope had to be replaced, but the office couldn’t shut down operations during demo or reconstruction. Getting the building weather tight as quickly as possible was a top priority!

Kinzler Construction Services’ Distribution Division delivered 30,000 sq. ft of Dens Element sheathing. This was the perfect product for this tight timeframe because it eliminates the need for an external WRB-AB!

  • 25% Faster Installation than the typical building wrap
  • 40% Faster Installations than the typical fluid-applied WRB-AB
Learn more about how you can finish your project faster, safer and smarter with Dens Element Barrier System!

Project Profile: Waterproofing Minneapolis, MN

Waterproofing was an important consideration for General Contractor RJ Ryan when building this multi-tenant commercial space in the Bassett Creek area of Minneapolis, MN. Developers found a high water table on the site and came to Kinzler Construction Services for advice on a cost-effective waterproofing solution.

The experts at Kinzler recommended and installed GMX Ultra-Shield WB, a solvent-based polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane. We worked with the contractor to ensure this was the best option for this project’s specific application requirements and budgetary constraints.

We followed our proven process for quality installation by inspecting the completed job and grading our installers on the quality of their work.

Project Profile: Spray Foam Osklaloosa, IA

The unique design of this building in Oskaloosa, IA was not an issue for the problem-solvers at Kinzler Construction Services!

The lack of depth available in much of the framing led us to install closed cell spray foam in order to maximize the R-Value in each cavity. Our expert installers sealed everything up while maintaining uniformity of depth. The design also created challenges in achieving the code-required 15-minute thermal barrier over the spray foam by traditional means. We applied DC 315 Thermal Barrier Coating over any areas where the foam would have to be left exposed.

We followed our proven process for quality installation by inspecting the completed job and grading our installers on the quality of their work. This building now has a level of efficiency, safety and comfort that could not be matched by any other insulation application.

Project Profile: Caldwell Zoo Elephant House Tyler, TX

Energy efficiency and indoor comfort are not only enjoyed by humans — but elephants too!

Kinzler Construction Services was recently hired by Riley Harris Construction to install closed cell spray foam on the walls and ceiling of the Caldwell Zoo’s new elephant enclosure. It’s just part of a huge remodel of the African Outlook at this Tyler, TX zoo. We followed our proven process for quality installation by inspecting the completed job and grading our installers on the quality of their work.

This building now has a level of efficiency, safety and comfort that can’t be beat for man or beast! Contact us today to see how we can partner on your next project!

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