Superior Energy Efficiency Achieved in Flint, TX Custom Home

Hunt Custom Homes is well known for their expert building practices and thoughtful innovation in homes they build in Tyler and throughout East Texas. That’s why they partnered with our local experts at Kinzler Construction Services to ensure their new build in Flint would achieve maximum energy efficiency.

We made design and product recommendations to help meet new code requirements and installed Blown-In-Blanket (BIBS) insulation on exterior walls and blown-in insulation in the attic.

We followed our proven process for quality installation by inspecting the completed job and grading our installers on the quality of their work.

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Kinzler Helps Achieve Superior Energy Efficiency in St. Paul, MN Passive House

Passive House in St Paul, MN
Passive House buildings consume up to 90% less energy than typical construction and provide a measurable, proven framework for reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment.

The local experts at Kinzler Construction Services were hired as the insulation contractor for this cutting edge home. We started by installing Intello-Plus, which is an air barrier, smart vapor control, and dense-pack reinforcement all in one. A blower door test was performed before we installed blow-in cellulose insulation into the ceiling and walls.

“The Lexington Parkway Passive House is not only the first certified Passive House in the City of Saint Paul, Minnesota, but also a beacon for sustainability, resilience, easy ownership and aging-in-place.”
—Tim Delhey Eian, CPHD, TE Studio, Ltd. & Passive House Minnesota

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What Employee-Ownership Means for our Customers

By Jason Mortvedt, Kinzler Construction Services Marketing Director

Years ago, I had a terrible experience with movers wreaking havok on my furniture while moving it out of my house. As they tossed around my personal belongings, I wondered how these “paid professionals” could care so little in their handling of my stuff. The answer is simple: ownership.

When you own something, you treat it differently. You form a psychological connection that creates a feeling of responsibility. My movers didn’t have any attachment to the objects they were moving, they were just executing the task of moving objects.

You may have heard that Kinzler Construction Services recently became an employee-owned company. We think that makes a difference to our customers and prospective customers in several very important ways.

  • Empowered Employees: Employee ownership empowers employees. Our employee-owners know that their actions affect their customers, and ultimately, the success of our company, and they take ownership of their decisions. In short, your success is their success.
  • Creative Problem-Solving: Empowered employee-owners are motivated to pursue creative ideas that streamline processes, improve service and reduce costs.
  • Preservation of Company Culture: Employee ownership gives us the opportunity to reward our employees for their commitment and hard work and helps us to attract and retain talented people. It also ensures that Kinzler Construction Services retains its independence in the future and preserves the culture that has made us so successful for more than three decades.
  • Increased Investment: The Employee Stock Ownership structure allows us to re-invest in leading-edge technology and huge operational capacity so we have the capability to partner on your project large or small.  We also invest in our employees and the local communities where they live and work.
Our employee-owners have skin in the game which translates to industry-leading customer service. We hope you’ll contact us about partnering on your next project.

Product Feature: Ecophon Solo Clouds

Ceiling products
Contact Kinzler for hassle-free delivery of Certainteed ceiling products!

Contact Kinzler for hassle-free delivery of Certainteed ceiling products! Industrial design in offices and retail spaces have beautiful aesthetics but horrible acoustics. 
CertainTeed Solo Clouds are an easy to install solution that allows designers to keep an industrial ceiling design.  Since the clouds are able to absorb sound on all sides, a significant amount of sound waves are absorbed in comparison to a similar sized monolithic acoustical ceiling or even the same sized surface-mounted cloud/wall panel.

WATCH: Step-by-step ceiling installation instructions for CertainTeed ceiling panels.

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How to Have Influence

Each month, we email you tools and resources to help sharpen your leadership skills and grow your organization. We’re not perfect – we struggle with these things too! Today we take a look at how to influence others in order to produce substantial and sustainable change. 

The difference between effective and ineffective change-makers is that the effective ones don’t rely on a single source of influence. They marshal several sources at once to get superior results.

The authors of the book, Influencer: The Power to Change Anythingfound that for successful behavior change, you must apply at least 4 out of the 6 sources of influence:
1. Personal Motivation
2.Personal Ability
3. Harness Peer Pressure
4. Find Strength in Numbers
5. Design Rewards & Demand Accountability
6. Change the Environment

In this short video, Kinzler’s Chief Operating Officer Brian Schwartze explains the six “sources of influence” a leader needs to tap if they want
to change a person’s behavior. 

Danback Flexible Wood Backing

Reduce Steel Stud Backing Install Time by up to 90%

Contact Kinzler for hassle-free delivery of Danback Flexible Wood Backing!

Installing blocking for cabinets, fixtures, and railings is one of the slowest parts of framing walls with lightgauge steel, but Danback Wood Backing Plates can speed things up! Pre-cut and fire-treated, the plates are suitable for commercial spaces and fire-rated assemblies.

Danback provides superior connection shear and pullout strength to support and meet even some of the heaviest loading conditions.  Simply snap, flex and screw Danback into place. It’s the perfect backing system for:

  • Baseboards
  • Door Jams and Wood Trim
  • Cabinets and Vanities
  • Ceiling and Crown Moldings

Rigid Board Insulation

Kinzler was hired to install Rigid Board Insulation & fireproofing on this commercial project in Castle Rock, CO.

Kinzler Construction Services was hired to install Rigid Board Insulation and Fireproofing on this commercial construction project in Castle Rock, CO.

THERMAX Ci rigid insulation has many advantages:

  • Provides continuous insulation on the interior or exterior
  • One of the highest R-values available (R-6.5 at 1″)
  • Features a distinct free-rise technology for better product consistency, durability and fire performance over generic polyisocyanurate insulations
  • Approved for fire exposure
  • Contains UV-stable technology and can remain uncovered up to six months
  • It reduces the potential for condensation within the wall assembly resulting in long lasting performance due to its low perm rating and high insulating value
  • Eliminates the extra step of installing a membrane or building wrap
  • Can be installed exposed to the interior without a thermal barrier

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