Kinzler Named Top 25 U.S. Insulation Contractor

Kinzler Insulation Installers pose for a photo and at a construction jobsite.
Walls & Ceilings Magazine recently announced Kinzler Construction Services as one of their Top 25 Insulation Contractors in the United States.
They made their selection with the help of W&C staff and its editorial advisory board—in particular the guidance of Michael Kwart of the Insulation Contractors Association of America. They decided on who they felt are among the best and most ambitious insulation contractors in the U.S. 
“As insulation demand continues to grow—both in the U.S. and globally— it’s important to take notice of all the different and expanding lines of insulation,” says John Wyatt, editor of W&C. “All these different types are designed and engineered to meet the unique demands of the various projects from across the globe.” 
The chosen insulation contractors have multiple characteristics that qualify them to be among the Top 25. Winners range from commercial to residential contractors, which apply spray foam to fiberglass and everything in between. 

What Employee-Ownership Means for our Customers

By Jason Mortvedt, Kinzler Construction Services Marketing Director

Years ago, I had a terrible experience with movers wreaking havok on my furniture while moving it out of my house. As they tossed around my personal belongings, I wondered how these “paid professionals” could care so little in their handling of my stuff. The answer is simple: ownership.

When you own something, you treat it differently. You form a psychological connection that creates a feeling of responsibility. My movers didn’t have any attachment to the objects they were moving, they were just executing the task of moving objects.

You may have heard that Kinzler Construction Services recently became an employee-owned company. We think that makes a difference to our customers and prospective customers in several very important ways.

  • Empowered Employees: Employee ownership empowers employees. Our employee-owners know that their actions affect their customers, and ultimately, the success of our company, and they take ownership of their decisions. In short, your success is their success.
  • Creative Problem-Solving: Empowered employee-owners are motivated to pursue creative ideas that streamline processes, improve service and reduce costs.
  • Preservation of Company Culture: Employee ownership gives us the opportunity to reward our employees for their commitment and hard work and helps us to attract and retain talented people. It also ensures that Kinzler Construction Services retains its independence in the future and preserves the culture that has made us so successful for more than three decades.
  • Increased Investment: The Employee Stock Ownership structure allows us to re-invest in leading-edge technology and huge operational capacity so we have the capability to partner on your project large or small.  We also invest in our employees and the local communities where they live and work.
Our employee-owners have skin in the game which translates to industry-leading customer service. We hope you’ll contact us about partnering on your next project.

Do These 3 Things to Save Big $$ This Winter

Temperatures are dropping, daylight is shorter & everyone is spending more time inside. It’s important to prepare your home for the coldest months of the year, to make it comfortable & more energy efficient. Here are some ideas which could save you big money!

  1. Replace furnace filters monthly

Check and replace your furnace filters on a monthly basis during the winter months. To check if a filter needs to be replaced, hold it up to the light. If light does not shine through, it is time for a new one.

  1. Switch ceiling fan blades

In the winter months, change your ceiling fan blades to move clockwise. It lifts the cool air to the ceiling and pushes the heated air down.

  1. Add insulation

To keep heat in and the cold out, add insulation to your attic. This is where you can usually find some of the largest opportunities to save energy in your home. Your local experts at Kinzler Construction Services can help identify inefficiencies in your home, such as air leaks & inadequate insulation.

Contact Kinzler Construction Services for a free insulation inspection at your home! Call us at 888-292-2382 and start saving money on your energy bills!

The Sunset Rule

By Kevin Kinzler, Owner & Executive Chairman

Kevin Kinzler
Kevin Kinzler

The Sunset Rule was a rule I imposed on myself many years ago after a call from a good customer. He called me out of frustration, agitated that he had not been called back by my salesman for a couple of days. The customer was a long-time relationship of mine and asked if he could work directly with me since his assigned salesman didn’t seem to care about him. I had a conversation with this salesman in our organization asking why he hadn’t called the customer back. The salesman had two or three reasons important to him for why he was too busy to make this call. The salesman’s first excuse was that he “didn’t have an answer for him yet,” so communication was suspended.

When a customer, co-worker, friend, or family member contacts you, make time by the end of each day to respond before the sun sets. You may need to prioritize your responses. Friends and family will understand that your response on a work day will need to be during a break or after work. Customers and co-workers deserve and expect a more immediate response by text, email or call, even if that response is simply to let them know you’re working on an answer. I have always done my best to stick to this rule and to advocate company-wide that we all adopt the Sunset Rule.

The Sunset Rule is an act of respect and diligence and is a key component to having great relationships. This simple discipline of getting back to people has truly been a key to success in my personal life and at Kinzler.

Curtis Sturgill gets published by Metal Construction News

Curtis Sturgill, National Sales Manager for High-R Metal Building Insulation, a patented product owned and offered by Kinzler Construction Services, published an article titled “Retrofit Insulation, What Should You Know?” on Metal Construction News’ website in September.

Below are some key points and several quotes from Curtis Sturgill that appear in the article.

1.Air Sealing:

“No matter what type of insulation system you decide to use when retrofitting your structure, if it is not properly air sealed you might as well light your wallet on fire.”

2. Cavity Insulation:

“Attempting to get a fiberglass batt to fit in an existing cavity with no air pockets for condensation to occur is like finding a needle in a haystack.”

3. Retrofit Thermal Blocks?

“With an existing building it is next to impossible to add a thermal block unless you address the topside of the roof in some manner.”

4. Return on Investment

“There is a lot to be said for material R-values and installed R-values, a big misunderstanding by a lot of consumers and even some in our industry.”

5. Choosing the Right Company

“With the hassle of working around existing equipment and mechanical units, limiting downtime or slowed production of your employees, it is just as important to choose the right company as it is to find the right product.”

Save Money With an Energy Assessment

MidAmerican revamps commerical energy checkup…

Is your building working hard enough for your business? MidAmerican Energy Co. has introduced a new commercial energy assessment program designed to assist companies of all sizes in saving money on their energy bills.  The company’s Commercial Energy Solutions program provides its Iowa commercial customers with energy assessments and building optimization services that are tailored to their building size and individual needs.

Click here to access full article.

Insulation in America

Insulation.  An American industry…

This is an interesting graphic that we wanted to share regarding the domestic impact of the insulation industry, something we can be proud to be a part of.

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