The Passive Fire Protection You’ve Wanted All Along!

Cavity-SHIELD Fiberglass Batts

Ask us about installing NEW Cavity-SHIELD multifamily, concealed-space, noncombustible fiberglass batts!

Cavity-SHIELD fiberglass is National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 13 compliant, noncombustible and cost-effective insulation. It is designed for use in concealed spaces between floors within wood-framed multifamily housing.

  • Simple installation: Batts are friction-fit into cavities, without the need for special equipment, reducing the time and resources required for installers to complete the job.
  • Cost-effective alternative: Cavity-SHIELD is another option for construction professionals looking for passive fire protection and a cost-effective alternative to blow-in or sprinklers in the interstitial space.
  • Sound control: Expect noise between floors to reduce significantly.
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