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As an important part of prevention and protection, fireproofing your home or business helps you meet code requirements and gives peace of mind.

Fire protection measures in homes and businesses have become a critical consideration for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. Among the various fire protection techniques available, spray-applied fireproofing stands out as a highly effective and widely adopted solution.

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What is Spray-Applied Fireproofing?

Spray-applied fireproofing, also known as sprayed fire-resistive material (SFRM), is a specialized fire protection technique used to increase the fire resistance of building components such as steel, concrete, and other substrates. The material is typically applied as a wet mixture through spraying equipment, which, upon drying, forms a durable and insulating layer.

Composition and Application

The composition of spray-applied fireproofing materials usually consists of a mix of cementitious or mineral fibers, aggregates, and binders. These components work together to create a thermal barrier that retards the transfer of heat from the fire to the protected structure. The thickness of the application varies depending on the fire rating requirements and the specific structural elements being protected.

Our expert installers bring years of professional experience to every job utilizing specialized spray equipment to evenly coat the intended surfaces. Since the application is sprayed, it conforms to complex shapes and irregularities, making it an ideal choice for protecting intricate architectural designs and structural elements.

Key Benefits of Fireproofing

Fire Resistance
The primary function of spray-applied fireproofing is to provide a layer of fire resistance to the protected surfaces. By delaying the temperature rise on structural elements during a fire, the fireproofing gives occupants more time to evacuate the building safely and allows firefighters a better chance to contain the blaze.
Durability and Longevity
When applied correctly, spray-applied fireproofing can remain effective for the lifespan of the building. It resists damage from environmental factors and mechanical stress, ensuring that the building's fire protection remains intact over time.
Code Compliance
Many building codes and regulations mandate fireproofing protection for specific structural elements based on their location, occupancy type, and fire risk. Spray-applied fireproofing helps buildings meet these requirements and obtain the necessary certifications for occupancy. We rigorously follow all safety building codes as a crucial way to help prevent damage and disaster.
Cost-Effective Solution
Compared to other fire protection methods, spray-applied fireproofing is relatively cost-effective. It offers substantial fire resistance at a reasonable cost, making it an attractive choice for developers and contractors seeking to balance safety and budget concerns.

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