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Kinzler Construction Services installs gypsum concrete and sound matting with speed and precision, used as a floor underlayment for sound reduction, fire ratings, radiant heating, and floor leveling.

Gypsum concrete underlayment, also known as Gypcrete, Levelrock, cementitious underlayment, gypsum floor underlayment or gypsum self-leveling underlayment, has emerged as a popular choice among construction professionals due to its numerous advantages.

With decades of experience as gypsum floor contractors, you can count on Kinzler Construction Services to install your lightweight concrete flooring and sound barrier systems quickly, safely and reliably.


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What is Gypsum Concrete Underlayment?

Gypsum concrete underlayment is a type of self-leveling, cementitious material made primarily from gypsum, a naturally occurring mineral with excellent binding properties. The underlayment is typically mixed with water to form a smooth, pourable slurry that can be easily applied to subfloors. As it is poured, gypsum concrete spreads across the surface and levels itself without the need for extensive troweling or leveling.

Your Gypsum Concrete Underlayment Experts

Kinzler’s trained crews follow proven processes to install your gypsum concrete flooring and sound matting. We get in and out quickly, so you can move to the next phase with full confidence your floor meets all requirements.

We walk every job in advance, to provide quick, accurate pricing and identify any issues before we pour.
Decades of experience mean we can help you value-engineer your project to save money and time wherever possible, and help you choose the best subfloor and sound matting for your purpose.
We know the building codes in every area we serve, and use the right fire- and sound-rated products to make sure your project complies.
For special circumstances, we’ll work with our manufacturers to customize products and applications.

See It Installed

Kinzler Construction Services employs highly-trained applicators who install gypsum concrete underlayment efficiently and quickly.

Watch this short video to learn more.

Key Advantages of Gypsum Concrete Underlayment

Self-Leveling Properties
One of the key advantages of gypsum concrete underlayment is its exceptional self-leveling characteristics. It can flow into low spots and level uneven surfaces, creating a flat and even subfloor, which is vital for successful flooring installations.
Rapid Installation
Gypsum concrete underlayment sets quickly, reducing downtime during construction projects. In many cases, it can be ready for flooring installation within 24 hours, which helps expedite the overall construction timeline.
Gypsum underlayment is considerably lighter than traditional concrete, making it suitable for applications in both new construction and renovation projects. The reduced weight can also ease the overall load on the building's structure.
Fire Resistance
Gypsum is inherently fire-resistant, making gypsum concrete underlayment an added safety measure. It can help delay the spread of fire, providing valuable time for occupants to evacuate in case of emergencies.
Excellent Sound Control
Gypsum concrete underlayment exhibits good acoustic properties, reducing sound transmission between floors. This makes it an ideal choice for multi-story buildings, hotels, residential complexes, and areas where noise reduction is a priority.

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