Kinzler Installs Insulation in a Texas Lakeside Home

Dealer: Kinzler Construction Services, Home of Garland and Jones
General Contractor: J. Tillman Group
Location: Lake Palestine, Bullard, TX
Installed: Closed Cell Spray Foam, BIBS

Tillman Group is focused on building highly efficient and sustainable homes, they are a group that has a detailed history with Net Zero construction. J. Tillman Group hired Kinzler Construction Services to install insulation in one of their new builds. Kinzler installed a 3” closed cell foam roofline with a full-fill net and blow. The west walls, facing the lake, received 5” closed cell foam to achieve the highest R-value possible due to these walls being exposed to sunlight for most of the day. The North, South, and East walls with 2×6 studs received 1.5” closed cell foam with net and blow for optimum performance. Lastly the lower-level concrete foundation wall received 3” closed cell foam.

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