K-13 spray-applied cellulose insulation installed by Kinzler on a ceiling inside a BBQ restaurant.

Spray-Applied Cellulose Insulation

Kinzler Construction Services has the experts to install K-13 insulation, a spray-applied acoustic barrier tailored to your specific project requirements for insulation (R value), noise reduction (NRC), color, durability, condensation control, texture, and aesthetics. K-13 spray insulation can be applied to virtually any properly prepared surface configuration of wood, steel, concrete, glass and other common construction surfaces and can be sprayed up to five inches thick overhead in one application without mechanical support. Additionally, it serves as the exposed finish requiring no additional materials. Available in six standard colors, this barrier can also be specified in specially matched custom colors.

Thermal Performance

K-13 insulates by creating dead air spaces between and within its hollow fibers forming a monolithic coating over the substrate which helps reduce air infiltration. K-13 has no voids or compressed areas to reduce thermal efficiency and adheres to virtually all surfaces.

Condensation Control

For areas such as indoor pools and ice arenas, K-13 insulation aids in condensation control. The proper combination of acoustic barrier and ventilation prevents condensation on metal, concrete and other surfaces. It actually reduces ventilation requirements, saving in both the ventilation equipment investment and operating cost.

Acoustical Performance

The resilient fibers of K-13 absorb sound energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation time and making speech and music more intelligible. Excessive noise is reduced with the application of K-13 while greatly improving ambient sound quality in a wide variety of building projects including auditoriums, sports facilities, detention facilities, television and sound studios, convention centers and parking garages.

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