The professionals at High-R Metal Building Insulation Solutions thought the old way to insulate buildings was backwards, so they invented a new way that provides you with five options to best insulate your buildings.

Rigid Panel Plus
This style provides you with maximum R-values for reduced heating and cooling costs, and light-reflective, finished ceilings that will enhance your building’s appearance while reducing the lighting to lower capital costs and operating budgets. The rigid panel plus option offers you a unique, patented design that prevents sags, cracks, tears, discoloration, condensation, and heat loss, in addition to possible lower insurance rates thanks to a fire-rated insulation system.

This option reduces your HVAC equipment needs which means lower overhead and less up front capital for you. The light-reflective ceiling enhances your building appearance. R-values are determined by the depth of the installed roof purlins, with a standard R-value of 3.7 per inch of depth. LEED points are available with this solution by reusing existing materials and keeping existing insulation systems from going to landfills.

Rigid Panel
This option is designed to provide you with clean, bright, durable, and consistent finishes for a building that requires and R-value of approximately R-15. This system is appropriate for semi-climate controlled spaces that need an improvement in brightness and appearance. R-Values are determined by the existing insulation and thickness of rigid panels used.

Radiant Double Bubble
This solution is comprised of double bubble insulation that’s white poly on the finished side with a reflective back side. After attaching the HIGH-R Quick Clip to the purlin, double bubble is secured in place with a HIGH-R plastic cap. Radiant Double Bubble provides an R-value of approximately R-15 in heat flow down situations. This option is most suitable for semi-climate controlled spaces in warmer climate zones.

Poly Radiant Barrier
This solution primarily provides a clean, finished appearance but a minimal R-Value. A Poly Radiant Barrier can be installed in a retrofit building where the insulation might be unattractive. This barrier can be used for the same situations as Radiant Double Bubble, however it won’t provide the thermal break on the roof purlin’s underside. This option is a cost-effective solution that provides some thermal protection for extreme temperatures in warm climate zones.

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