New Build Receives Air Seals and Batting Insulation

Dealer: Kinzler Construction Services
General Contractor: Christianson Companies
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
Installed: Batting, Blown-In, and Spray Foam Insulation.

Christianson Companies, formerly known as PACES Lodging Corporation, is a development company that works across the United States to develop, construct, own and manage buildings. Christianson Companies hired Kinzler Construction Services to air seal all double studs, doors, windows, and vapor barrier the ceiling. Batting insulation of R21 was installed, and for sound R11 in the 2×4 walls, with R19 in the 2×6 walls in the interior rooms and corridors.

Project Profile: Ensuring Comfort Throughout Existing Home + New Addition

Our team of local insulation experts recently insulated this Denver home. The contractor needed to blend old construction with new – and maintain the same level of comfort throughout. 

An expert installer from Kinzler Construction Services installs spray foam insulation.

Kinzler installed spray foam, blown-in-blanket, batt insulation and foam board to smoothly blend the old and the new while ensuring a proper thermal boundary for future comfort and energy savings. We followed our proven process for quality installation by inspecting the completed job and grading our installers on the quality of their work. 

With over 35 years of experience in insulation, Kinzler Construction Services brings innovation and building science research to your jobsite.

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Kinzler Insulates Historic Boulder, CO Home

This historic home in Boulder is being converted into apartment units by Urban Green Development. Bringing the building up to code presented some unique challenges in achieving energy efficiency.

The experts at Kinzler Construction Services installed closed cell spray foam insulation to get to R-50 at the roof line. Batt insulation was used in much of the home and blown-in-blanket (BIBS) was installed in some areas because of its ability to form to small gaps and oddly sized obstructions. The finished project resulted in outstanding thermal performance and excellent sound control.

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Project Profile: Englewood, CO Home

Home located in Englewood, CO

Builder Chalet Homes came to Kinzler Construction Services looking for the best options for insulation value and sound reduction for this large, new, Englewood home.

Our local insulation experts recommended open-cell spray foam, batting and blown-in mineral wool insulation for the interior walls – to reduce sound transmission.

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The Passive Fire Protection You’ve Wanted All Along!

Cavity-SHIELD Fiberglass Batts

Ask us about installing NEW Cavity-SHIELD multifamily, concealed-space, noncombustible fiberglass batts!

Cavity-SHIELD fiberglass is National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 13 compliant, noncombustible and cost-effective insulation. It is designed for use in concealed spaces between floors within wood-framed multifamily housing.

  • Simple installation: Batts are friction-fit into cavities, without the need for special equipment, reducing the time and resources required for installers to complete the job.
  • Cost-effective alternative: Cavity-SHIELD is another option for construction professionals looking for passive fire protection and a cost-effective alternative to blow-in or sprinklers in the interstitial space.
  • Sound control: Expect noise between floors to reduce significantly.
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Minneapolis Townhomes Built to Help Homeless Families

Minnehaha Townhomes located in Minneapolis, MN.

Frerichs Construction came to Kinzler wanting a cost-efficient insulation solution for new Minneapolis townhomes which will be Energy Star Certified. The 16 new homes at 5368 Riverview Rd. will be dedicated to families experiencing persistent homelessness and owned by the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority.

Kinzler Construction Services installed batt insulation, vapor barrier membrane, spray foam at the rim joists and cellulose in the attic.

Our expert installers took extreme attention to detail to pass Kinzler’s quality inspection, city inspection and a third-party inspection for Energy Star Certification.

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Whataburger Restaurant Tyler, TX

Whataburger restaurant located in Tyler, TX.

Kinzler Construction Services insulates new restaurant in Tyler.

When you’re enjoying the great food inside Tyler’s newest Whataburger restaurant, you can also enjoy the building’s comfort thanks to a quality insulation install from Kinzler!

This project required some problem-solving from our expert team because the 2×6 roof trusses did not allow space to install the specified R38 insulation using a traditional staple-in method. Instead, our installers did a “wire-up” install, using nails and 16ga galvanized steel wire to hang the batt insulation into place.

As always, the project was inspected for quality and the customer was very happy with the speed and quality of the installation!

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