Hiring Great People Is More Than a Gut Feeling

Tips for hiring to avoid costly mistakes.

As a leader, there’s little that’s more important than hiring great people for your team. Consider this:

  • Finding people is HARD: U.S. unemployment rate is 3.7%, a nearly 50-year low.
  • Finding GOOD people is harder: $37 billion is spent annually to keep unproductive employees who don’t even understand their job.
  • KEEPING good people is hardest: With competition for talent high, the average construction turnover rate is 21.4% (for people age 24 and younger, the turnover rate is 64%).
  • Poor hiring is EXPENSIVE: Bad hires require additional supervision, create conflict and make the leader’s job harder. The average cost of a turnover is 16-20% of the person’s base salary.

Like so many of you, we’re continuously challenged to find and retain great team members.

Kinzler Construction Services Chief Talent Officer Brian Schwartze recently shared 12 hiring tips with our hiring managers. In the video below, hear three of those tips to give yourself the best chance of finding the right person.


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