Thankful. It’s the Best Way to Live.

Kevin and Yvonne Kinzler, Founders

What if all you had in your life today was what you were thankful for yesterday?

Circumstances occasionally cause us to pause, to appreciate and recognize the blessings in our lives- like the Thanksgiving holiday. But do we pay attention each day to the blessings in our lives?  Do we take time at some point every day to be grateful for the place we live, our relationships, our opportunities and the freedom to make choices?

What if I started, or ended, each day focusing on what’s good instead of what I’m missing, wanting or what isn’t just right. Would I have a different outlook and attitude on my day and the people and situations in my life? Can I be grumpy, short tempered and walk with a slouch when I’m grateful?

No. It’s impossible to be thankful and not feel happiness and joy. A thankful heart and spirit changes our perspective, our posture and our entire personality.

Let’s decide this Thanksgiving, to keep an attitude of gratitude throughout the coming year. Thankful- it’s the best way to live!

We give thanks to God for each of you.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,
Kevin and Yvonne Kinzler

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