Kinzler Helps to Make Homeless Veteran’s Dream a Reality

February 2, 2017

A homeless Vietnam veteran’s dream to have a warm, safe place to stay is closer to reality thanks, in part, to a generous donation from Kinzler Construction Services located in Tyler, TX (formerly Garland & Jones Insulation.)

Ben Cordero has had a hard life from the start.  He was left on the steps of an orphanage at age four and was moved around to different foster families but never adopted.  He later joined the Navy and fought in Vietnam. Since then, Ben has suffered with severe PSTD.  Due to the severity of his PSTD, Ben had trouble keeping jobs long-term and became homeless, living in a run-down, cold and leaky RV.

Kinzler Construction Services partnered with the non-profit organization “The King’s Rein,” to build Ben a new place to live through their Veterans Home Program. Kinzler donated all of the product and labor expenses to insulate a cabin with energy-efficient spray foam.

“Kinzler’s core focus is to serve others, build relationships and enrich lives,” said Scott Wamack, General Manager of Kinzler’s Tyler, TX operation. “It’s not something folks at Kinzler Construction Services just say – this is a great example of how we actually live that out in the work that we do.”

If you are interested in donating to this project, please visit or call 903.675.5536.


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