Kinzler Installs Gypsum Concrete and Insulation for Attivo Trail


Dealer: Kinzler Construction Services
General Contractor: Haverkamp Group – Haverkamp Construction  
Location: Ankeny, Iowa

Haverkamp Group has built many of its properties in central and eastern Iowa with its on-site construction company, Haverkamp Construction. One of their ongoing projects that Kinzler Construction Services was hired for was their Attivo Trail property located in Ankeny, Iowa. As part of the first phase, Kinzler completed gypsum concrete pre-pours underneath tubs and open chases, which ensures continuous coverage across the entire floor to pass the fire code. Once the drywall and painting are complete, we come back and pour the entire floor. Gypsum concrete is a lightweight material used for sound reduction, and fire ratings and can also be used for radiant heating and some floor leveling projects.

On the project, we were also contracted to install all the insulation in the building. This includes spray foam, fiberglass batt insulation, and blown-in. After air sealing the exterior cavities, we insulate them with R21 batts. Ensuring all six points of contact for a continuous R-value across the whole wall system. Afterward, we put on 6mil poly that acts as a vapor barrier. The corridor and partition walls were insulated with R19 batts to meet the fire code and separate sounds from other units and the hallway.

Open cell spray foam of 5-6 inches was applied in box sills and rim joists between the floor systems and the roof. A strong R-value here helps eliminate air penetration in the floor assemblies where waterlines could freeze if not insulated properly. Lastly, an air-breathable netting is stapled onto the ceiling before blowing the entire floor assembly with fiberglass insulation to help eliminate sound travel between the floors of each unit and to meet the fire code.

Introducing New Parent Company and Distribution Division Brand Names

As we approach the 40-year anniversary of the company next year, we reflect on how different the business looks from those early days in Kevin Kinzler’s garage! Today, our family and employee-owned company spans four states (Iowa, Colorado, Texas, North Carolina) installing building products, distributing building materials, and servicing and installing commercial and residential garage doors.

In order to position ourselves well for the next 40 years of future growth, we are making a few exciting changes to our branding.

Kinzler Corporation is the new name for our parent company. As our company continues to grow, our purpose remains the same – to serve others, build relationships and enrich the lives of our employees and those we partner with.

Kinzler Construction Services is the name for the INSTALL side of our company, installing insulation products, fireproofing and gypsum concrete. This part of the business dates back almost 40 years.

WD Door is the part of our company installing and servicing overhead doors. WD Door is Iowa’s leading overhead door and operator company with over 25 years of experience in both residential and commercial fields. 

Kinzler Materials is the new name for our DISTRIBUTION division – the part of our company which distributes construction materials like drywall, steel framing, acoustical ceilings and EIFS.

While the size and scope of our products and services will continue to grow, the friendly people and industry-leading customer service you’ve come to expect will remain. We’re very excited about what the future holds and thank you for your continued support of our business!

Kinzler Completes Multiple Phases of a New Apartment Build

Dealer: Kinzler Construction Services, Home of United Insulators

Contractor: Trammer Crow Residential

Location: Aurora, Colorado

Items Installed: John Manville, Climate Pro Batting Insulation

Trammell Crow Company is one of the nation’s oldest and most prolific developers of, and investors in, commercial real estate. Kinzler Construction Services completed multiple phases of one of their new apartment builds located in Aurora, Colorado. The work consisted of Firestopping for 1, 2, and 3 hour rated areas. A foam sealant was used on windows, doors, exterior outlets & cables. Unfaced batting was used to fill roof cavities, and mid-floors were also filled to an R-value of 30, and an R-value of 19 for 18” cavities. Exterior walls/box sills received a 6 mil poly vapor barrier to prevent moisture transmission into the wall system. Two other retail buildings received an FSK Facer which has a flame-resistant backing on one side.

Kinzler Installs Insulation in a Texas Lakeside Home

Dealer: Kinzler Construction Services, Home of Garland and Jones
General Contractor: J. Tillman Group
Location: Lake Palestine, Bullard, TX
Installed: Closed Cell Spray Foam, BIBS

Tillman Group is focused on building highly efficient and sustainable homes, they are a group that has a detailed history with Net Zero construction. J. Tillman Group hired Kinzler Construction Services to install insulation in one of their new builds. Kinzler installed a 3” closed cell foam roofline with a full-fill net and blow. The west walls, facing the lake, received 5” closed cell foam to achieve the highest R-value possible due to these walls being exposed to sunlight for most of the day. The North, South, and East walls with 2×6 studs received 1.5” closed cell foam with net and blow for optimum performance. Lastly the lower-level concrete foundation wall received 3” closed cell foam.

Reduce Insulation Cost with Tax Benefits

Increase Energy Efficiency & Gain Tax Credits

Save 30% on an insulation upgrade

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is directing an unprecedented $369 billion toward energy saving initiatives through tax credits. These tax credits will have numerous benefits including improved energy efficiency, reduced energy bills, and improved home comfort.

These tax credits can be combined with local incentives for even bigger savings! IRA tax credits include:

  • Residential retrofit incentives
  • New and retrofit commercial incentives
  • New home incentives
  • Efficient building envelopes through building codes

Here are some key points from the Act.

  • Residential retrofit incentives
    • Previous law’s credit restored through 2022. Enhanced credit amount applies from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2032
    • 30% of insulation and air sealing materials up to $1,200 (per year)
    • Credit available on a yearly basis
    • Home energy audits covered up to $150
  • New Home Incentives
    • Builder credit of $2,500 for single family homes that meet ENERGY STAR Version 3.2 and meet 2021 IECC prescriptive envelope standards
    • Builder credit of $5,000 for homes that meet DOE Zero Energy Ready Home standard
    • Builder credit of $500 / $1,000 for multifamily units, with incentives increasing to $2,500 / $5,000 when meeting prevailing wage requirements
    • Previous law’s credit restored through 2022. Enhanced credit amount applies from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2032

Insulation & Energy Efficiency

Insulation is a critical factor in determining your home’s energy and cost efficiency. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that homeowners may save 15% on HVAC costs by installing insulation and air sealing their homes.

The US Department of Energy warns homeowners that just 1 in 5 homes constructed prior to 1980 are sufficiently insulated. While homes constructed today are required to meet R-Value standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy, this requirement was not included in building codes prior to the mid-1970s.

This means that approximately 80% of homes built before this time are in need of better insulation! If you’re uncertain if your home falls within this category, contact us and our local energy experts can help you determine if you’re in need of insulation.

Residential & Commercial Insulation Near Me

There are many components to the Inflation Reduction Act and many ways you can save, and tax credits are subject to program changes. Our team is happy to answer questions. Contact our office to discuss your project and how tax credits can help.

Kinzler Acquires Comfort Solutions Insulation & Gutter Divisions

Kinzler Construction Services announced its acquisition of the insulation and gutter divisions of Comfort Solutions. Comfort Solutions is an Eastern Iowa based company with locations in Marion and Des Moines. The company has a proven track record of success and profitability, with a mission to ensure Iowans are happy and comfortable in their homes. The acquisition was effective August 19.

This merger further strengthens our ability to serve builders and homeowners across the state of Iowa and beyond.

  • Combining Kinzler and Comfort Solutions insulation divisions means exponential increases in inventory, equipment, and manpower to get your job insulated right and on time.
  • Bringing the gutter division to Kinzler adds new services to our eastern Iowa branch, giving us the capability to install gutters, leaf guard protection, and gutter/downspout repairs for both residential and commercial projects.
  • Kinzler already also installs gypsum concrete, fireproofing and overhead doors (with our acquisition in January of WD Door and Doors by George.)
  • Kinzler also distributes a full line of construction materials, including drywall, steel framing, acoustical ceiling tile & EIFS. 

Comfort Solutions has developed a reputation built on quality and service, led by Matt Hoskins, Alex Hefflefinger and Mark Eichinger. Eichinger will continue his leadership as part of the Kinzler team. About 50 members of the Comfort Solutions Insulation and Gutter divisions – roughly 40 in Cedar Rapids and 10 in Des Moines – will be making the transition to Kinzler Construction Services and the change will be seamless for customers. Matt Hoskins and Alex Hefflefinger will continue operating Comfort Solutions, offering HVAC, Aerobarrier and Energy Audits.

“It just creates tremendous opportunity for us and for everyone in our insulation and gutter divisions,” Eichinger said. “It streamlines our operations and will hopefully increase efficiencies on every level, which will benefit our customers.”

“This is a very exciting opportunity for our company, particularly our eastern Iowa operation,” says Tanner Kinzler, President & CEO of Kinzler Construction Services. “The size and scope of our products and services will continue to grow, but the friendly people and industry-leading customer service you’ve come to expect will remain. We will work closely with our customers, partners and employees to make the integration process as smooth as possible.”

Kinzler Construction Services is a family and employee-owned construction subcontractor which has been operating in eastern Iowa for 14 years. Based in Ankeny, the 37 year-old company operates locations across the state in Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, and Ames – as well as Colorado, Texas and North Carolina.

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