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Increase Energy Efficiency & Gain Tax Credits The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is directing an unprecedented $369 billion toward energy saving initiatives through tax credits. These tax credits will have numerous benefits including improved energy efficiency, reduced energy bills, and improved home comfort. These tax credits can be combined with local incentives for even bigger savings! IRA...

Top 25 Insulation Contractors

Walls & Ceilings Magazine recently announced Kinzler Construction Services as one of their Top 25 Insulation Contractors in the United States. They made their selection with the help of W&C staff and its editorial advisory board—in particular the guidance of Michael Kwart of the Insulation Contractors Association of America. They decided on who they felt...

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Insulating Older & Historic Homes

Owners of historic homes may find things like corn cobs, newspaper, wood shavings or bricks in their walls for insulation. Fortunately, today’s insulation options are much higher performing. When installed properly, insulating older and historic homes can make your home more comfortable and can save you up to 50 percent on utility bills! Special consideration...

Kindergarteners are pretty smart, especially when it comes to things like insulation, drywall and gypsum concrete underlayment! Kinzler Construction Services President and CEO Tanner Kinzler took Kindergarten students at Bergman Academy on a tour of the construction site at their school in Des Moines, IA. Kinzler was hired to install batt insulation and gypsum concrete underlayment in the school’s new addition....

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